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Snooch to the Nooch! The title says it all. The Oscars are on March 5 at 8pm EST this year, with “The Daily Show’s” great Jon Stewart hosting. Best Picture Oscar’s Final Five “Brokeback Mountain” “Capote” “Crash” “Good Night, and Good Luck.” “Munich” Likes: Spielberg’s gripping true-life political thriller beat the odds of its’ rough […]

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It’s that time of year again- the Academy Awards. Allow me to get right to bulk of the email- here will be my predictions for all the categories (in alphabetical order), my personal picks (in order of preference), some honorable mentions, as well as- in the big categories- the rest of my best. Hope you […]

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Happy New Year! Hope everyone’s having a good 2006 so far. Just wanted to let you know about a couple of music related things, including two new releases online. The two new pieces online are “Danger of the Frontier” (available at and “A New Old West” (available on They are the final two […]

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Our commentary for “Serenity” is available for download at Date of Track: December 2005 Style of Track: Argumentative. The Yahoos clearly love Joss Whedon’s TV show “Firefly,” and their passion lead them to an advance screening of the show’s big screen incarnation. But as Whedon wrote in his “Buffy” musical, “Where Do We Go […]

Our commentary for “Toy Story” is available for download at Date of Track: December 2004 Style of Track: Overly lauditory. Shortly after “The Incredibles” and on the doorstep of 10 years since the film’s release, the Yahoos finally comment on the wonderful world of Pixar. The results? What do you think? Read Brian’s Review […]