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So, the writer-director is done with his first day of shooting. And what has he learned…this filmmaking thing is hard work. Well, no shit Sherlock. I could have told you that before today. But though I’ve worked on low-budget sets before (I helped film- and acted in- “The Case” series I’ve been scoring), being in […]

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Snooch to the Nooch! Brian’s 10 Best Movies of 2005 1. “Nobody Knows” (Directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda)- Early on in Kore-eda’s lyrical drama about childhood lost through a parent’s neglect, young Akira (Yuya Yagira, deserving of an Oscar nomination he’ll likely not receive as the youthful actor at the center of this film, also deserving […]

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Author’s Note: When I posted this blog yesterday, I got the links wrong to two of the pieces, as was pointed out to me today. They are now fixed. Later, Brian Greetings one and all. Ok, so after a few movie based blogs, back to the important stuff- my music. I just uploaded three pieces […]

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For my preview of 2006 this year, things are gonna seem kind of funny, seeing as though most of the films I mention- even in my Top 10- don’t have release dates set in stone yet. And many of the films that do have release dates were, oddly enough, slated for 2005 at one point. […]

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