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Author’s Note: When I posted this blog yesterday, I got the links wrong to two of the pieces, as was pointed out to me today. They are now fixed. Later, Brian

Greetings one and all. Ok, so after a few movie based blogs, back to the important stuff- my music. I just uploaded three pieces for your listening pleasure over at, but I’ll set up the links here for easy access. The first two pieces are some electronica experiments that mark my first compositions of 2006. They’re called “Rhythmic Muzak in C-minor” and “Alone With Percussion”. They were originally intended to be pieces for me to use in the short film I’m shooting at the end of this month, but what I wrote was too complex in terms of rhythm for what I’m going after for that project. Still, I loved what I was able to come up with, and I wanted to share them with you nonetheless.

The third piece is entitled “Lament for the Running Deadman”. This is a piece I wrote as a extension of the score I wrote for the third chapter (entitled “The Gamble on Tomorrow”) of “The Case” short film series I’ve written music for since September of last year. While writing the score I felt that- because of the nature of the film- I wasn’t able to bring as much feeling- or closure- to the story as I was capable of. This piece- as well as a companion piece for the other significant character in the film- was the result. Though I’ve had a MIDI version of this piece- and the score overall- recorded since November, I’ve held off releasing anything from this chapter so I could get the parts- for piano, alto saxophone, and trombone- recorded by real musicians. “Lament” was performed by Fred Norton- a friend of mine for a long time, making his first appearance as a performer of my music- on alto sax and Dawn Echols- a longtime collaborator and friend- on piano. I hope you find the end result as satisfying as I do, and once the trombone is recorded, you’ll be able to hear more from this interesting score.

That’s all for now, but I’ve got more music work on the way in the coming months. I have one electronic piece I’ve just started recording today; the rest of the piano and sax parts for the “Gamble” score to mix and master, and immediately after these, I will take a closer look at the clips for this year’s Turner Classic Movies Young Film Composers Competition, and begin work on that entry.

Thanks for listening,

Brian Skutle

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