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Sorry for being away for so long- it’s been a crazy few months for me, as you can read about in my “Creative Happenings” blog on Sonic Cinema. Well, after many months of postponements for a variety of personal reasons- most recently, my hospitalization with pneumonia in September (I woke up on the day we […]

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Well, that was an interesting night…sometimes. A few surprises. A few obvious moves. A lot of overall intrigue in what I might say was one of the best Oscar-casts in recent memory. But where to start… The Good: 1. Jon Stewart. He hit this Oscar telecast out of the park. At the start of his […]

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Snooch to the Nooch! Inspired by a note a friend of mine posted on Facebook recently, I’ve decided to try and take a different direction with my final Oscar blog before the big night Sunday (with Jon Stewart hosting). I hope you enjoy it. Before I get to the festivities, though, an update on where […]

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At first, I figured it to be just another opportunity to maybe have my music played. Back in July of 2006, my friend and fellow composer Adam Scott Neal told me about a performance opportunity taking submissions for a concert they were putting together. I had just joined SCI, and had already submitted pieces to […]

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