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Our commentary for “Planet of the Apes” (2001) is available for download at Date of Track: Summer 2004 Style of Track: Affectionate and analytical. Going through their first film of personal favorite Tim Burton, the Yahoos also happen to choose arguably the most divisive. Most people don’t care for Burton’s “reimagination” of the Pierre […]

Our commentary for “Independence Day” is available for download at Date of Track: Summer 2003 Style of Track: Nerd anyone? Before he made crap-fests like “Godzilla” and “10,000 B.C.” (with “The Day After Tomorrow” not far behind), Roland Emmerich hit fanboy worship critical mass with this phenomenon alien invasion thriller where the White House […]

Another week, another blog. That it’s another blog about this short film is curious enough. That it’s coming so soon after the last one, and we haven’t even shot anything in a couple of weeks, well, that’s something of a miracle. But my goals require fast work, not months of slacking. This past week, I […]

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