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The Academy Board of Governors really has to rethink the way they do the Oscars. Yes, some of their ideas are not bad, and their choices of hosts has been pretty imaginative over the past three years (although last year’s pairing between Steve Martin and Alex Baldwin was a disaster), but this year the show […]

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Snooch to the Nooch! Well, with the Oscars finally happening on Sunday, it’s now time for my final look at the nominees, and a look at my final predictions (all nominations listed in order of preference), and whether they’ve changed in the past month. Before I get to the festivities, though, an update on where […]

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This is something I actually did a few years ago for fun. I know– I have a strange idea of fun. Still, it’s such an interesting “nerd” idea I decided to do it again: an “All-Time” Oscar ballot. The premise is simple enough: taking into account the entire breadth of my movie-watching history, from the […]

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This past Tuesday, Dr. Nickitas Demos from Georgia State University put on the third of four concerts in his annual neoPhonia New Music Ensemble series, and while the program changed unexpectedly before beginning due to technical difficulties, the concert we were treated to was an unmitigated triumph. In my five years of attending Georgia State […]

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