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If I were to use one word to describe my philosophy as a film critic, it would be fair. What does this mean? Fundamentally, I would like to think that it means I look at each film on its own merits, and while I attempt to be as objective as I can, I’ll be the […]

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This is my third year doing the “Movie a Week” series, and I continue to find it a rewarding endeavor. Sometimes, it takes a little longer to get myself worked up to watch the movie I intend to review, but especially if it comes to a movie I wasn’t too sure about at the time […]

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As Dragon*Con drew to a close this year, rain was pouring down in Atlanta. Compared to year’s past, it was kind of a letdown, but a fitting way for Con to end. Monday, September 5 This Labor Day is the first one in my three years of going to Dragon*Con in which I planned a […]

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