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I’ve been trying to think of what I wanted to write about beyond the usual lists that go into this blog. This year cannot really be summed up easily, as there were a lot of highs with a few lows, some that really made for difficult questions with regards to cinema and the act of […]

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This year has been a challenging one. My schedule, both at home, and at work, changed in a lot of ways, sometimes making watching films for this series (and in general) difficult. I was behind much of the time. Yet, I persevered, mainly because I just enjoy doing this series too much. This year, I […]

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Last year, I was given the chance to listen to, and review, an album entitled, “Passing Through Veils,” by a good friend of mine, Darren Nelsen. A year later, I finally got around to doing so. The reasons for the delay are one part pure laziness, but also, listening to music for the purpose of […]

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Now, the question of everyone’s mind is, “Can he finish writing about Dragon*Con BEFORE the end of September?” Okay, maybe that’s just a question going on in MY mind, but after I failed to finish my Dragon*Con blogs in 2011 until December, it is a question worth asking. Last year, I just had a hard […]

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