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Sounds, Visions and Insights by Brian Skutle

After the ambitious scope displayed in his last two albums, Atlanta-area composer Brian Skutle returns to the more compilation-like approach of his first two albums with “Storytelling”. The original title of his fifth album (“Storytelling Through Sound,” later shortened to just, “Storytelling”) was inspired by an “artistic mission statement” Skutle wrote in 2006, in which […]

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Well, there were quite a few surprises as the nominees were announced this morning. Let’s get to it. The Oscar telecast is on February 24, with Seth McFarland (“Ted”) hosting. Best Picture Oscar’s Final Nine “Argo” “Lincoln” “Beasts of the Southern Wild” “Silver Linings Playbook” “Les Miserables” “Django Unchained” “Life of Pi” “Amour” (Haven’t Seen) […]

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Well, this year, the Academy decided to bump up the time table for nominations, with the choices coming out tomorrow, roughly two weeks before they normally do. There’s still a lot I haven’t had the chance to see yet, but it’ll get watched in the coming weeks, so obviously, my personal picks are subject to […]

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