Sonic Cinema

Sounds, Visions and Insights by Brian Skutle

What is Sonic Cinema?

Simply put, Sonic Cinema is the fusion of my two passions- music and movies. For me, the two have been inseperable ever since high school. When I began to write music in college, my compositions retained- and continue to retain- the emotional and “aural-visual” aesthetic of film music, and many times, a particular vision- or a particular piece of film music- was in my mind during the composing process. And when I began to write reviews on movies, I’d always make a point of singling out the film’s composer and his contribution- good or bad- to the film. That, also, has continued to this day.

Sonic Cinema is intended as an outlet for me, a place to share my music and thoughts and feelings on movies with anyone curious to find out. This is not intended to be a site devoted to all-things related to modern- and classic- cinema; there are other places on the web for that, and I’ll be happy to point you in their direction. Sonic Cinema is a labor-of-love, and a personal expression- with a little help from my friends every now and then- on the two art forms that have had the most profound impact on my life.

I can’t promise you’ll like my music, and I can’t promise you’ll like my opinions on any of the films- or aspects surrounding film- I choose to discuss. What I can promise is enlightenment on simply one man’s opinion on the most significant form of expression of the new century (film), and one man’s experimentation within the most significant form of expression in centuries past (music). Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy!

-Brian Skutle

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