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Hello readers and listeners! For the latest episode of the podcast, and the third one in as many weeks, I’m trying my hand at live filmmaker interviews yet again with writer-director David Spaltro, whose third feature, “Dark Exorcism”, is being released on DVD and VOD on Tuesday, September 13. Our talk ranges from how he got his start in acting to how he came to make his first horror film to how undervalued Martin Scorsese is for his use of song soundtracks. If you don’t recognize the title from when I reviewed it, it’s because when I watched it, it was called something else. And a fun drinking game- take a shot whenever I refer to David as “writer-director” David Spaltro. I hope you enjoy!

Episode 10- “Dark Exorcism” with David Spaltro

Viva La Resistance!

Brian Skutle

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