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I usually try and get this blog up before the calendar switches over, but I had a rather busy final week of the year that led to a slight delay. No matter, it’s only a slight delay, and New Year’s Day only gives it the sense of further closure for the year. Is it closure, […]

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One of the fundamental challenges of this “Movie a Week” series continues to be that it’s, well, a movie a week. And because I’ve basically planned out the next year during the current one, that means film availability is of the utmost importance in order for this to work. That, and time. Life and work […]

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Hello my readers and listeners! I hope you are doing well. After some editing, I finally have the second part of my second podcast available for your listening pleasure, wherein my friend Ronnie Haynes and I dig into the prequels, the TV shows, and what we were expecting prior to the release of “The Force […]

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