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A popular refrain on Twitter in the last months of 2017 has been, “2016 was when all your favorite celebrities died, 2017 was when all your favorite celebrities died to you.” Separating the art from the artist when it comes to the terrible things our favorite artists do can be tricky, depending on the individual. […]

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Ok, so I’m going to be blunt about this- 2017 was a fucking disaster for my “Movie a Week” series. This is not a reflection on the films that were watched and reviewed, but in how chaotic my life got, and how it got in the way of doing this series on a regular basis. […]

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Hello readers and listeners! I bring the podcast back to its roots, so to speak, with our latest episode, as I bring back Ronnie Haynes, one of the “Yahoos With a Microphone” commentators, to discuss “Star Wars” in preparation for the latest chapter in the saga, “The Last Jedi.” Joining us this time around is […]

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