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Links from Sonic Cinema Patrons
=Stories in Motion– The website of filmmaker/author Chris Esper, who is a long-time Sonic Cinema favorite and has been on a few episodes of the Sonic Cinema Podcast.

Here are a few of my favorite film-related websites that I’m enjoying right now, and I highly recommend:

=Internet Movie Database– If you need to look up a movie, there’s no other place to go.
=Box Office Mojo– I don’t really discuss box-office here, but if I’m curious to see the what the box-office numbers are like, this is where I go.

Critics and Hubs
=Death Ensemble– A horror-centric website run by friend Phil Fasso, who has appeared on the Sonic Cinema Podcast.– The website for the late Roger Ebert’s reviews and blogs, and still a home for film criticism and analysis.
=’80s All Over– My favorite movie podcast, by Drew McWeeny & Scott Weinberg, where they are going through the cinema of the 1980s one month at a time. You can also find Drew’s Pulp & Popcorn magazine and some of his other writing there.
=Junkfood Cinema– Another winner of a podcast, this one by Brian Salisbury and C. Robert Cargill.