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Look (Short)

Grade : B+ Year : 2009 Director : Ryan Pickett Running Time : 7min Genre : , ,
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The short film, “Look,” plays very much like a silent film. Some dialogue exists, but mostly the film is a series of images, of people captivated by the outer beauty of others, set to a constant and lovely score by The Other Deepak. It starts with a barmaid (Starina Johnson), who is enamored by a man in a suit at the bar (John Ferguson), who then becomes infatuated with a supermodel (Theresa Meeker) asking for directions to her next shoot. The man follows the supermodel to her shoot, where, well, this is where the film becomes a bit of a puzzle. Even watching it a second time, I’ll admit to finding myself at a bit of a loss as to how the film got to its conclusion. I think I understand co-writer/director Ryan Pickett’s method of getting to the barmaid’s eventual self-discovery, that beauty comes from the inside, not from what the outside world thinks, but it’s a little too obscure (and maybe it was just me, but some of the dialogue was a little too low in the mix to be understood). That being said, Pickett has a great eye for visuals and subtle storytelling that I’ll be curious to see more of.

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