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Mail Time (Short)

Grade : A Year : 2016 Director : Sebastian Carrasco Running Time : 6min Genre : , , ,
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There is not a trailer available for Sebastian Carrasco’s “Mail Time,” and I don’t know that you’ll find it anywhere online, which is understandable given its reliance on copywritten material, but also a shame given how lovely and wonderful its six minutes are. The film stars character actor Timothy J. Cox as Ted, a mailman, who goes about his day while also trying to show off his passion for magical illusions. Nothing complicated, but simple stuff that people have no interest in. We see him go on two routes, while in between, sit in awe while watching the 2006 magician film, “The Illusionist.” (That film’s score, by Phillip Glass, accompanies Ted’s story.) After that, something changes for Ted, and things go much better. Carrasco’s film is direct and simple, and a delight to watch with an enjoyable performance by Cox in a silent role. He conveys everything we need to know about Ted through body language, and it is a fine piece of acting in as good a short film I’ve had the pleasure to watch over the past decade.

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