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Solutions (Short)

Grade : A- Year : 2017 Director : Zachary Halfter Running Time : 20min Genre : ,
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“Solutions,” directed by Zachary Halfter (who also came up with the story), is a story about dirty politics, but while it appears headed in one direction, it continues in another. The crux of the story involves Derek Price (David P.B. Stephens), a professional “fixer,” of sorts, who is courted by a businessman-turned-political candidate, James Cross (Timothy J. Cox), to help him win the upcoming mayoral race. Derek doesn’t like the odds, considering Cross’s poll numbers, but he gives him a number. Cross balks at it, but ultimately relents when Derek says that if he doesn’t accept, Derek will help his opponent for much cheaper. The story is not seen from Derek’s perspective, however, but that of his son, Damon, whom he is showing the ropes of the business to. He even trusts his sun to help him with the task at hand. The story by Halfter and screenwriter Stephen Pavlics thrives on the perspective it brings by making it more about Damon and his relationship with his father than Cross, and it’s an entertaining little story because of it. It has strong execution and good performances to go with its fine writing. It’s worth a watch for the curious.

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