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The Doll Maker (Short)

Grade : A- Year : 2017 Director : Neil Kellen, Lewis D. Chaney Running Time : 3min Genre : ,
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“The Doll Maker” is another short film from the “Annabelle: Creation” short film contest held this summer- the previous one that I watched was Cindy Maples’s “Moving In.” (Ironically, I missed “Annabelle: Creation” in theatres.) This film is slightly longer than Maples’s film, but it has a similarly clever hook in how it approaches the creepy doll genre. Here, a man has been looking for his wife’s remains. He gets a tip on where they are, and who has them. He finds more than he bargained for. Films like this are meant to be short, creepy and to get under our skin, and the one developed by Neil Kellen and Lewis D. Chaney (the co-directors) does just that, with a slightly more unnerving twist on the subgenre than even “Annabelle,” the film that inspired this, provides. It’s a fun little gem with dark images and intrigue that succeeds in giving the viewer the fits.

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