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The Puzzle (Short)

Grade : B+ Year : 2008 Director : Running Time : Genre :
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The phone rings. A woman answers it. She yells at the person on the other end that his days of freely spending her money is over. She hangs up. It rings again, but she goes back to building her puzzle.

Italian filmmaker Davide Melini understands the essence of creating a short film. There’s a setup, a narrative, that leads to a conclusion, all told within a short time frame; in this case, less than five minutes. “The Puzzle” starts its unusual and intriguing tale through the style of its opening credits, and doesn’t reveal its endgame to the viewer until the very end, when it becomes obvious to the protagonist as well. Of course, by that point, it is all too late for the main character, but the puzzle Melini puts together for us leaves the viewer wanting more, which in this case, is a very good thing indeed.

You can watch the short below:

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