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As you’ve no doubt read on my About page, I’m interested in writing film music. In 2005, I finally began to do that with some short films some friends of mine and I have made to gain experience in a field we love. It’s a short list, and the films are far from Oscar material yet, but it’s a start.

1. “The Case: Chapter One- Running Deadman” (2005); Includes the cues “‘Running Deadman’ Main Title/Chapter,” “Dead Man Running,” “Double-Cross,” “We Have a Problem.,” “To Be Continued…/’The Case’ End Credits,” and “Standing Water Logo (‘We Have a Problem.’ Alternate Version).”
2. “The Case: Chapter Two- The Snap” (2005); Includes the cues “‘The Snap’ Main Title/Chapter,” “Locked Out/Violent Twist,” “Taunted,” and “To Be Continued…/’The Case’ End Credits (‘Snap’ Version).”
3. “The Case: Chapter Three- The Gamble on Tomorrow” (2005); Includes the cues “Laying Out the Deal,” “‘The Gamble on Tomorrow’ Main Title/Chapter,” “No Choice,” “Long Walk/The Easiest Way to Kill a Lemur,” “The Entrance/The Game/The Shootout,” “The Full Story of the Running Deadman,” “To Be Continued…/’The Case’ End Credits (‘Gamble’ Version),” “Theme for The Grand Lemur,” and “Lament for the Running Deadman.”
4. “Unwinnable Hand: A Thriller in Two Movements” (2008); Includes the track “Edge Runner” (Film Version) and cue “Wasted Hand.”
5. “Word Invaders” (2009); Includes the tracks “Dropping the F-Bomb,” “Words Can’t Be Trusted” and “Words Can’t Be Trusted 2.” Written for the Flash video game by David Miles.
6. “Walpurgis Night” (2009); Includes the track, “Walpurgisnacht.”
7. “Baron Wasteland: Chapter 2- Lemur See, Lemur Due” (2010); Includes the cues, “’Baron Wasteland’ Main Title,” “’Chapter 2’ Percussion Hits,” “Lemurbilia,” “Storytime,” and “’Baron Wasteland’ End Credits.”

Watch “Unwinnable Hand: A Thriller in Two Movements” (Movement I- Agitato) below, and please visit for more content about Brian Skutle’s first short film.

“Unwinnable Hand: Movement I- Agitato”

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