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Happy New Year! Hope everyone’s having a good 2006 so far. Just wanted to let you know about a couple of music related things, including two new releases online. The two new pieces online are “Danger of the Frontier” (available at and “A New Old West” (available on They are the final two pieces of my series of Western-inspired pieces I’ve been working on since starting to compose again in 2004. “Frontier” is a piece featuring flute, guitar, and bass guitar (all electronically recorded) and moody vocal performances by
both myself (this isn’t a typo) and my mother Vicki, while “A New Old West” is a work for strings, assorted wind instruments, and marimba that was electronically recorded, and serves as the epic finale for this series of pieces (it clocks in at just under 8 minutes). I hope you check them out, and remember, feedback is always welcome.

With the conclusion of these pieces, my collection of Western-inspired pieces is finished. What does this mean? It means that as soon as I get some cover art created, I will be able to release my first CD in 6 years in “Sonic Visions of a New Old West.” I’m very excited about finally giving people a chance to hear this completed work. It’ll be worth the wait.

Also, on a somewhat related note, on January 29 I’ll be filming the short film I mentioned in my 2005 Summary entitled “Unwinnable Hand” with several friends. We just did a read-through of the script- which I wrote- last night. This is gonna be interesting…

That’s all for now. I’ve had some computer issues recently that have prevented me from getting everything music-related I wanted to get done finished. Hopefully, that will be rectified for a later news item.

Thanks for listening,

Brian Skutle (currently out of print)

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