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Moving In (Short)

Grade : A- Year : 2017 Director : Cindy Maples Running Time : 2min Genre : ,
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For her third short film, actress/writer/director Cindy Maples (“Random,” “Out of My Mind”) submitted a 2-minute horror film for the “Annabelle: Creation” Film Competition about a married couple (Maples and her husband, Rusty James) who move into a house. The wife finds a doll while unpacking that is not theirs. Two minutes is not a lot of time for a fleshed-out story, but what it is plenty of time for is to show off a director’s ability to set up a scene and execute it. Of course, “Random” and “Out of My Mind” already showed that Maples was plenty capable of that, and her approach to the subject matter is wickedly clever. This film lacks the weight or distinctive visual flavor of her previous films, but the point is the execution of the subject at hand, and in that, she succeeds expectedly well.

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